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Happy New Year to Me OR Teach Your Kids To Do The Laundry


Washing Machine

1. Choose load size: small, medium, large or extra large.
2. Turn temperature to warm/cold.
3. Options: off/off
4. Choose agitate/spin Fabric Select:
• For loads with towels or jeans: high/high
• For loads with t-shirts, socks, shirts or boxers: high/low
5. Push round knob in. Turn to Normal (6 for smaller loads, 10 for bigger or dirtier loads). Pull knob out and water will start.
6. Add detergent to water. Low line for small loads, higher line for bigger loads.
7. Add clothes to water.
8. Close lid.


1. Choose temperature.
• Loads with t-shirts, shirts, boxers, and socks: Medium
• Loads with towels or jeans: High
2. Wrinkle Shield: Off
3. End of Cycle: On (makes it buzz when it’s done)
4. Turn round knob to:
• Accudry Very Dry for loads with towels and jeans.
• Accudry Energy Preferred: for loads with t-shirts, boxers, regular shirts or socks.
5. Press On button (far right).

Why, oh why, you may wonder, am I typing up something I’ve already known for a bazillion years. And in such simplified terms. With so few options. Why, indeed?!

Because, my friends, it is a new year, and with a new year comes the wind of change. In this year, my 12-year old will make his own lunch, at least a few times a week, finally learn to hang his coat on the hook, and chip in by starting a load of laundry every now and then. With these few helpful hints, neatly  laminated and hanging in the laundry room, he’ll no longer “forget how” to do it. It will be oh so clear.  So very kind of me, don’t you think?

Now that’s what I call a Happy New Year.

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