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Off My Game

Have you ever noticed how often life gets in the way of Life?

I think I need one of those Vision Board things.  But, you know, I’m always little skeptical about things like that.  First of all, really?  Cut pictures from magazines and your dreams come true?  Second, I don’t know, something about it rubs me the wrong way.  It just doesn’t seem right, somehow.
I know, right?  I have enough random guilt for all of us.  So you’re absolved.  Go get your posterboard and clip your pictures and make your dreams come true.  You’re welcome.
Also, on an unrelated note, my dog eats paper.  And flip flops.  Socks, too.  He deems teddy bears a tasty treat.  But look at him. Maybe I should just buy more paper.
And, finally, that money tree I planted in my back yard just WILL NOT grow.  What is going on around here?
I know, you’re still looking at my dog.  Cute pup, isn’t he?  We love our Finn! 
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