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Chore Charts that Work and Teaching Kids to Do Laundry

The theme for this week has been getting organized with kids, probably because this stretch of sunny weather we’re having has made it feel like spring!  On Monday, I posted about planning a menu for the entire month and on Wednesday, I posted about building your own lockers and how it helped my kids stay organized.

Today, I thought I’d focus a little more on the chore side of things, since, really, when kids learn to help out “around here,” we’re all a little happier (and more organized).  And unless you have babies who aren’t walking yet, your kids aren’t too small to help!

For kids 3 and up
A couple of years ago, I posted about taming the morning chaos with kids.  Maybe our morning just seemed chaotic because I was walking around but still asleep and hadn’t taught my 4-year old to clear his own place at the table, yet.  But whatever the reason, creating a ‘Good Morning’ job chart helped tremendously, as did teaching my 4-year old to pour his own milk and cereal.  If that seems crazy, try doing it yourself while nursing an infant.  Amusing, if nothing else.  They can do it, I promise!

For kids 9 and up
Teach your kids to do a load of laundry!  Practice sorting with them, then print out step-by-step instructions on how to do a load of laundry in your machine.  I laminated ours and thumb-tacked them in the laundry room.  Oh, the joy, of saying, “Honey, would you please go get the jeans load and put it into the washing machine?”!  It’s a dream.

For all kids
Chore charts were the bane of my existence.  I could never find one that was easy to use AND worked for our family.  Once, I tried printing them off of the computer each week based on what jobs we’d need done each day.  It was a disaster!  Finally, I decided to create a chore chart system that worked for us.  That was years ago and it hasn’t let me down yet.  The key is in the complete flexibility–you can tailor it not only to your family, but to each day.

You already know I covet Laura’s skills over at Organizing Junkie.  Do you have other chore tips to share, or other great organizing blogs I should know about?

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