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Monthly Archives: November 2010

A Girlfriend

Tears streamed down my face and I gasped through my sobs. Was someone hurt?  Was there a tragedy? No, I was with my husband and younger two kids watching that wonderful, heart-wrenching drama, Toy Story 3. Uh huh.  It’s true. If you know me, you know I’m not much of a crier.  I choke it […]

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Menu Plan Monday

Want to know the BEST reason for not having carpet in your kitchen?  When you’re replacing all of your carpet, you won’t have to deal with that one room!  While the rest of your furniture lives in the garage for a few days, your kitchen table can stand it’s ground.  Thankfully, that also means we […]

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Posting has been a little light, I know…

Without offering excuses, but to give you a peek into the (positive) mayhem that is my life, here are a few of the reasons you haven’t seen a ton of depth here recently: * lots of people in & out of my house: new furnace, counters, carpet, appliances, bathroom tile, paint, blah, blah, blah.  It […]

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