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Let Kids Play, Silly

In our hurry-hurry, be-the-best-you-can-be, read-at-4, master-violin-by-7 world, we’re losing something.

If they’re lucky enough to have any downtime, our littlest kids are likely to spend it tap-tap-tapping away on an iPad, a computer, or playing the latest game on their X-Box or Wii.  Leapster, anyone?

Older kids can add hours of texting and quality time on Facebook to the list.

Parents are starting to ask themselves, “Is anyone making forts out of couch cushions anymore?”

We lament it, but sometimes we secretly like it, too.  A plugged-in kid is a quieter kid and independently occupied kid, a kid who isn’t asking us to play Candyland while we’re trying to make dinner.  As every parent knows, it’s a quandary.

What’s a busy parent to do?

Moms like Sarah Wilson are joining the trend to bring imaginative play back into the lives of children.  I whole-heartedly support this effort, and am both stunned and saddened that it’s even become an effort. If you’d like to get on board, but aren’t sure where to start or how to help your kids learn to entertain themselves, here are a few ideas I hope you’ll find helpful:

 10 Rainy Day Activities for Kids (includes a super easy recipe for homemade play-doh)

Fun Summer Games for Kids: 9 of My Kids’ Favorites

Legos and Kids: The Pros and Cons

Old-Fashioned Fun

Any favorites to add, or links with great ideas?  Please share them!

Check out Mayberry Mom’s ideas for Artsy Activities on her Family Fitness Site.

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