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I have so much more to learn.

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How can it be?  Howcan I be this many years into life, and marriage, and friendship, andparenthood, how did I make it all the way through high school biology,trigonometry, and AP English to the hallowed halls of my lovely university, andstill come out on the other side just beginning to learn?
If you glanced around my house right now, here’s some ofwhat you’d see: Buy-ology, from the library, on my kitchen counter; dog-earedcopies of Blue Nights and Unaccustomed Earth proudly taking the top spot on thepile of books beside my bed; Sunday’s paper, still unread, resting onedge of the kitchen table.  So there’sthat.  The book learning.
But there’s so much more. There’s the thinking, the wondering, the understanding—or wantingto.  There’s the nuance and the subtletythat I sometimes miss, and sometimes can’t avoid.  It’s the whys and the hows that trip me up,that call to me, that keep me coming back, reaching, grasping for more.
I could’ve stayed in school forever, maybe.  For the book learning, yes.  But more for the thinking, the lengthydiscussions with others, the swirling of ideas, the ‘discovering’ ancient ideasthat are new again, the contemplation: why are these ideas back again, or not.
I have so much more to learn.

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