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I have so much more to learn.

photo by armatoj How can it be?  Howcan I be this many years into life, and marriage, and friendship, andparenthood, how did I make it all the way through high school biology,trigonometry, and AP English to the hallowed halls of my lovely university, andstill come out on the other side just beginning to learn? If […]

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Words, Glorious Words

My kids hate vocabulary homework. More specifically, they detest my insistence that they occasionally—and I mean occasionally—use an actual dictionary rather than their favored online version.  “That is so dumb, Mom,” my oldest will complain.  “No one uses that kind of dictionary anymore, “he insists.  “What’s the point, anyway?” It’s at moments like these that […]

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Suggestions from a Seasoned Science Fair Mom

With two boys who’ve finished elementary school, and a third who appears to be on his way, I’ve attended my fair share of Science Fairs.  If you’re at the front end of this grand adventure, allow me to offer a few tips: 1.     Add some levity.  When your precious pumpkin is designing his first science […]

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