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To Read

My first son showed up reading.  Okay, fine, that’s a slight exaggeration, but as a parent I did what most of us do:  I read to my baby and I read to my toddler.  Until, suddenly, one day he began reading to me.  The little guy went straight to chapter books, no sounding out or […]

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Managing the Morning Chaos

photo credit: Richard Winchell Newsflash: NOT a morning person. Repeat: Do not call here before 8:30 unless you are prepared to deal with the less-than-pleasant person on the other end of the line. Oh sure, I’ve been up. For hours. But that doesn’t mean I’m happy about it. This sort of poor-early-morning temperament was fine […]

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Take A Deep Breath

After a summer spent doing pretty much what we darn well pleased, I openly admit that I have not yet found my groove in dealing with a schedule that includes: ·      football practice for 2 kids (1 2ce a week, 1 3x a week), ·      soccer practice for my other son, ·      piano practice for […]

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