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Birthday Present Cake

You asked about the Birthday Present cake. It’s an easy one, really.  Not nearly as hard as the Under the Sea Cake…that one was hard! The Pirate Ship Cake was a little tougher, too, but the Jungle Cake and the Race Car Cake weren’t too bad. The Birthday Present Cake was easier, though.  It just took time. Here’s […]

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Once Upon A Time…

there was just one baby.  Then two.  And, finally, three. For years there were diapers and naps and babysitters.  Every mother understands these years; wonderful and exhausting.  But fleeting?  It didn’t seem that way at the time.   Yet here we are, nine years later, and baby number three only has a year left until […]

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How to Throw a Jungle Party for Kids

As you may know, I’m not a big fan of the commercial party for kids.  I understand the appeal of the Sponge Bob et. al, parties—kids like the shows and the theme is ready-made.  Hit the party store and you’ll be hard pressed not to find napkins, plates and goody bags pre-printed with the logo […]

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