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Once Upon A Time…

there was just one baby.  Then two.  And, finally, three. For years there were diapers and naps and babysitters.  Every mother understands these years; wonderful and exhausting.  But fleeting?  It didn’t seem that way at the time.   Yet here we are, nine years later, and baby number three only has a year left until […]

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11:00 this morning <doorbell rings> (5-year old neighbor) Me: Why hello! Boy:  Hello.  Can I please speak with Chase? Me:  Well, Chase is still at school.  But he’ll be home a little later. Boy:  Okay.  Can you tell him Happy Birthday for me? Me:  Of course!  That’s so nice! Boy:  You’ll have to use your […]

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Buy the Perfect Gift for Your Wife

Today I’m over at Blissfully Domestic, writing a letter to men, which begins as follows: Dear Men, Is your wife’s birthday around the corner?  (Note:  This also applies to serious girlfriends!) Are you unsure about what to buy?  Listen up, friends. And it goes on from there…to see the entire post, click here.  And be […]

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