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Happy New Year to Me OR Teach Your Kids To Do The Laundry

   Washing Machine 1. Choose load size: small, medium, large or extra large.2. Turn temperature to warm/cold.3. Options: off/off4. Choose agitate/spin Fabric Select:• For loads with towels or jeans: high/high• For loads with t-shirts, socks, shirts or boxers: high/low5. Push round knob in. Turn to Normal (6 for smaller loads, 10 for bigger or dirtier […]

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Chore Charts for Kids

When do kids get chores?  Do you pay them?  How do you set the standard for doing a “good” job?  What’s good enough? As our kids leave baby-hood and begin toddling around after us, the question of chores is inevitable.  It’s even one of the questions our pediatrician asks my kids in their annual well-check.  […]

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