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Summer days mean boating, beaches, sandy sandwiches, fresh strawberries, and the smell of sunscreen.  In the little town where we have our cottage, it also means music in the park on Thursday night. I know some towns that bring in bands every week or so in the summer, but in our little town it’s the […]

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On the Merits of Dusting

When we bought our cottage, built in 1873, we knew we were in for some renovations.  The disgustingly old and dirty green carpet was the first thing to go.  My husband spent almost 6 months sanding the aged wood floor—the big sanding machine wouldn’t work on paint so old.  We replaced all of the trim, […]

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Winter Wonderland

Rain, sunshine, or snow, the beach is where I’d rather be.  Of course, when it’s this snowy, I prefer merely to enjoy a view of the beach from the inside of someone’s, anyone’s, toasty warm home. The ducks, however, appear to be coping with the cold just fine. Hearty souls. Apparently, however, they’re not so fond of […]

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