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Education: A Relaxed Approach

This is an actual statement—about me!—from one of my boys’ teachers: “I really appreciate how relaxed you are about his schoolwork.” That sound you just heard? That was the collective gasp of every friend I’ve ever had, since I became a parent. People say a lot of things about me. Some say I’m focused. Intense. […]

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The Collegiate Years.

graduating from Bucknell More years ago than I can fathom, my parents drove me to little Lewisburg, Pennsylvania, where I would spend the next four years becoming myself. I remember driving onto the Bucknell campus, and coming to a stop in front of Veddar Hall.  I remember feeling grown up and childish at the very […]

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Buying School Supplies for Your Child and the School

So I was thinking about taking a vacation, or buying something fun, maybe some pretty, pretty shoes by the lovely Tory Burch, but instead I spent our money on binders.  And lots of 3-hole punched folders, with pockets. I’m not alone.  Parents around the country are currently participating in the annual spend-a-thon that is back-to-school […]

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