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Sass and Strong Will

“In my opinion, American children may at times seem sassy and strong-willed, which may be no fun to parent, but sometimes sassy breeds new ideas. Independence. Innovation.”  -Laura Kreutzer I sure hope she’s right. Let me back up: Last week Laura Kreutzer wrote an article in the NY Times with the rather amusing title In […]

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Kids and Restaurants: 5 Tips to Eating Out With Kids

(And Enjoying It!) Start at home. Kids learn about table manners every time they sit down to eat. If you allow them to wander about with their apples and crawl under the table with their cup at home, you can’t expect much better in a restaurant. Sit down and eat with your kids, include them […]

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My Wal-Mart Protest, or Why I Shop at Target

Back in the dark ages, we lived in a small Midwest town (Go Packers!) where visiting a Target store was a distant fantasy. The nearest one was at least ½ hour away, and with two babies, I wasn’t making that trek on a regular basis. Instead, we shopped for life’s necessities at our local Wal-Mart, […]

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