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Carolina in My Mind

I left North Carolina when I was 18 and never got much of a chance to go back.  I visited, sure, but everybody knows it’s not the same.  It’s true that you can’t really go back, and even more true when your parents don’t live there anymore.  And if  your old friends’ parents don’t live […]

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Simply Joy Sunday: 3 Things I’m Thankful For

I’m feeling thankful today, so I thought I’d join Heather’s Simply Joy Sunday.  Obviously, I’m thankful for my family and all things related—good health, good choices (mostlyJ!), and good relationships.  So what are some of the other things in life that bring me joy?  Here are today’s top three: I’m thankful for friends.  For someone […]

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Brave New World

So…..Facebook.  The thing we all know about the Internet, as parents, is that anybody can post anything and just about anybody else can read it.  This is the part our kids don’t always get:  what part of world wide web is it that don’t they understand?  Partly because they’ve grown up being supremely comfortable with […]

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