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Speed Limits Aren’t Suggestions?

Discovery:  It’s nearly impossible to go EXACTLY the speed limit.  Especially for me. Here’s the back story:  I’m helping lead a study at our church called Starting Point, developed by North Point Community Church in Georgia, which encourages people to be thoughtful about their faith.  I like the class because I find that it has […]

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Reckless Faith (Beth Guckenberg)

Reckless Faith – Beth Guckenberger – Joel’s Story Zondervan | MySpace Video It’s more than worth the 8 minutes you’ll spend watching this–if you only have 5, still watch.  And if Beth catches your attention, you can read more stories like this in her book, Reckless Faith. I read it about a month ago, and […]

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The Wedding Surprise

We can mark the passage of time by the parties we get invited to, don’t you think?  In our twenties and thirties, the invitations are for weddings.  Lots of them.  Then the baby shower invites begin to trickle in and eventually we become intimately acquainted with the registry at Babies R Us.   But my husband […]

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