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On the Merits of Dusting

When we bought our cottage, built in 1873, we knew we were in for some renovations.  The disgustingly old and dirty green carpet was the first thing to go.  My husband spent almost 6 months sanding the aged wood floor—the big sanding machine wouldn’t work on paint so old.  We replaced all of the trim, […]

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How An Allen Wrench Saved Me $600

Once upon a time, in a memory long ago, I thought I would grow up and spend money on fine furniture like this lovely side table for the dining room. You can purchase this treasure at Ethan Allen for a little over $1000. Yep, you read that right. It’s a pretty piece of painted wood […]

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In A Perfect World

A warm, cozy, inviting home is a wonderful thing. If we lived in a world without complicating factors, like jobs and kids and money, I’d be living on the beach somewhere. I’d be sitting on a porch like this tonight, looking at the sunset (because you all know that in that perfect world I wouldn’t […]

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