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Nymbler, and Second Chances

Choosing baby names wasn’t an easy task for me, except once, the second time, when somehow we just knew our boy’s name from the get-go.  The others, though, were tedious.  There was the pouring over the baby name books, each of us making our own first super-long list, then cutting our lists to our top […]

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Finally! Women and Wine…

So many times, it seems, women get the short end of the stick. It starts early, with puberty, continues through childbirth, and is often visible in the paycheck as well. As such, I laughed when I read this article in the NY Times Wednesday. Women who drink moderately, it turns out, gain less weight over […]

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NYTimes, I Thought You Loved Me, Too

~ Thinking Thursday ~ random ruminations about life, news, and other noise Ah, it’s been the happiest of relationships.  A give and take of sorts.  You give and I take.  But, apparently, that hasn’t been enough for you.  So you’re restricting me.  Putting me on a diet.  A NYTimes diet. Forget about the happiness it […]

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