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So Much Sadness

My heart breaks for all of the sadness in the world.  It’s especially hard when it hits closer to home, even when the sadness comes upon friends of friends, not people I know personally. I think the blogosphere shared a collective gasp when we heard about Anissa‘s stroke earlier this week.  Shortly afterwards, I heard […]

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So You DON’T Have the H1N1 Vaccine, or You DO?

Here at our house, we’re flu shot getters, yes we are. Every year I line ’em up, they hold out their arm, & they get the little prick that means, “Hey, hopefully we won’t get the flu this year.” The fact that we always get something hasn’t deterred me. I’m sure the health care professionals […]

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Enough With the Head Injuries. Enough Already!

Have I mentioned that we’ve had some head trauma around here? A few weeks ago, the most random thing happened. My 10-year old was sitting on the floor in his room, picking up a treasured football card that had fallen to the ground, and a full-size bowling pin fell off a shelf and whacked him […]

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