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The Boots

Him:  “Oh, yeah, Mom.  I need some tall maroon boots for the play.  Like old-time boots.” Me:  “Ummm?  You wear a men’s size 11.  I don’t think we’re going to find tall maroon boots in that size.” Him:  “I really have to have them.  I need them for the play.” side note:  The play is […]

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Getting Kids to Read

Earlier this week an interviewer asked me for some tips on encouraging kids to read.  I gave her my off-the-cuff response, but the persistent little topic has stayed with me all week. This is a tough issue for some parents, because reading is so critical to education.  Too often, we push our kids to learn […]

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Why My Kids Don’t Watch TV (except when they do)

I was thinking about starting a Why My Kids Don’t Watch TV blog.  Except my kids do watch TV.  They don’t watch much, it’s true.  They don’t even ask; it’s a non-issue, really.  And how we got here, and why we got here is so simple and so complicated that it’s hard to articulate.  It’s […]

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