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Does Facebook tether us to the past?

After the rush-rush of the morning, with two boys off to the bus stop and one delivered to school, I enjoyed a peaceful moment alone.  I listened to the radio, sipped my early gray, and drove towards my Pilates class. On NPR, Diablo Cody was being interviewed about the new movie Young Adult, which stars […]

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Teens and Dating

One of the very first blogs that I liked, that I read regularly, was Chris’ Notes from the Trenches.  She was homeschooling her brood at the time, lived in a different state, and kept me laughing and nodding my head with every single post. photo credit: danorth1 Those of you who read this blog regularly […]

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Let Kids Play, Silly

In our hurry-hurry, be-the-best-you-can-be, read-at-4, master-violin-by-7 world, we’re losing something. If they’re lucky enough to have any downtime, our littlest kids are likely to spend it tap-tap-tapping away on an iPad, a computer, or playing the latest game on their X-Box or Wii.  Leapster, anyone? Older kids can add hours of texting and quality time […]

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