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The New Year

Through the many that we’ve known each other, my husband and I have celebrated in myriad ways. There were the those years, closer to the dark ages, when we attended some sort of fancy dinner and dance and rang in the New Year with a swig of champagne and a smoldering kiss.  Please don’t dwell […]

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Happy New Year to Me OR Teach Your Kids To Do The Laundry

   Washing Machine 1. Choose load size: small, medium, large or extra large.2. Turn temperature to warm/cold.3. Options: off/off4. Choose agitate/spin Fabric Select:• For loads with towels or jeans: high/high• For loads with t-shirts, socks, shirts or boxers: high/low5. Push round knob in. Turn to Normal (6 for smaller loads, 10 for bigger or dirtier […]

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