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The Collegiate Years.

graduating from Bucknell More years ago than I can fathom, my parents drove me to little Lewisburg, Pennsylvania, where I would spend the next four years becoming myself. I remember driving onto the Bucknell campus, and coming to a stop in front of Veddar Hall.  I remember feeling grown up and childish at the very […]

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The End and The Beginning

My littlest son came stumbling into the kitchen this morning, giving me a cheery “Good Morning” hours before his big brothers will roll out of bed. I was already downstairs because I snuck down early this morning to get some work done.  I figured it was my best chance for productivity today. Despite the fact […]

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Does Facebook tether us to the past?

After the rush-rush of the morning, with two boys off to the bus stop and one delivered to school, I enjoyed a peaceful moment alone.  I listened to the radio, sipped my early gray, and drove towards my Pilates class. On NPR, Diablo Cody was being interviewed about the new movie Young Adult, which stars […]

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