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Sass and Strong Will

“In my opinion, American children may at times seem sassy and strong-willed, which may be no fun to parent, but sometimes sassy breeds new ideas. Independence. Innovation.”  -Laura Kreutzer I sure hope she’s right. Let me back up: Last week Laura Kreutzer wrote an article in the NY Times with the rather amusing title In […]

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Education: A Relaxed Approach

This is an actual statement—about me!—from one of my boys’ teachers: “I really appreciate how relaxed you are about his schoolwork.” That sound you just heard? That was the collective gasp of every friend I’ve ever had, since I became a parent. People say a lot of things about me. Some say I’m focused. Intense. […]

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Lighten Up

photo by Calgary Reviews Thank you, Gretchen. Why, you wonder?  Why am I thanking a woman I’ve never met? I could thank her for writing a book that’s reached millions and isn’t drivel.  For writing a book that’s so well researched it made me want to run to the library and read Tolstoy and Virginia […]

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