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Words, Glorious Words

My kids hate vocabulary homework. More specifically, they detest my insistence that they occasionally—and I mean occasionally—use an actual dictionary rather than their favored online version.  “That is so dumb, Mom,” my oldest will complain.  “No one uses that kind of dictionary anymore, “he insists.  “What’s the point, anyway?” It’s at moments like these that […]

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Sorting God’s Laundry

photo by Beth Rankin I’ve always been attracted to trouble. My quandary is that I often see both sides of the story.  This propensity manifests in many ways.  One is that it’s hard for me to be an activist.  Even if I feel strongly about an issue, I can often understand—even if I don’t agree […]

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Brotherly Love

Re: my socks & brother’s whole outfit. Please note that this was the 70s. My little brother and I haven’t always gotten along. There was the time, for instance, in elementary school, when someone ripped a whole in the fabric below the top bunk bed.  My mother, having had enough of our antics of late, […]

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