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Amanda Knox came home today. Twenty-two years ago as I saw Venice and Florence and Rome for the first time, I clutched my Eurail pass and followed my wanderlust as far as my lira would take me. Three years ago, my husband and I watched our kids frolic in the afternoon sunshine as we savored red […]

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When Did I Get Like This?

I have not read Amy Wilson’s book, “When Did I Get Like This?” but I do read Kelcey’s blog and she has read Amy Wilson’s book, so I sort of got the Cliff Notes version. See how that works? At any rate, I read Kelcey’s blog because she’s funny and she’s smart and she’s the […]

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The Boots

Him:  “Oh, yeah, Mom.  I need some tall maroon boots for the play.  Like old-time boots.” Me:  “Ummm?  You wear a men’s size 11.  I don’t think we’re going to find tall maroon boots in that size.” Him:  “I really have to have them.  I need them for the play.” side note:  The play is […]

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