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Thank you, Mitch Albom

In light of the recent uproar over Tiger Mom, I thank Mr. Albom for his exceedingly wise words on higher education.  For all of you parents whose kids are waiting for those envelopes, thick or thin, and for the rest of us whose kids one day will, I recommend clicking over to this article.  These […]

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Teens and Dating

One of the very first blogs that I liked, that I read regularly, was Chris’ Notes from the Trenches.  She was homeschooling her brood at the time, lived in a different state, and kept me laughing and nodding my head with every single post. photo credit: danorth1 Those of you who read this blog regularly […]

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Let Kids Play, Silly

In our hurry-hurry, be-the-best-you-can-be, read-at-4, master-violin-by-7 world, we’re losing something. If they’re lucky enough to have any downtime, our littlest kids are likely to spend it tap-tap-tapping away on an iPad, a computer, or playing the latest game on their X-Box or Wii.  Leapster, anyone? Older kids can add hours of texting and quality time […]

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