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Dangerous Games…Is Football Safe?

My stomach and heart lurched simultaneously.  As I type, I still find it a little hard to breath.  What do we do, as parents, when we read about Owen Thomas, the football lineman for Penn who recently took his own life? Life is a series of risks.  It’s a trade-off here, a decision there.  It’s […]

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Getting Kids to Read

Earlier this week an interviewer asked me for some tips on encouraging kids to read.  I gave her my off-the-cuff response, but the persistent little topic has stayed with me all week. This is a tough issue for some parents, because reading is so critical to education.  Too often, we push our kids to learn […]

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Sailing Through Life

One of my favorite books about raising kids is by Malcolm Gauld, President of the Hyde Schools.  (The Biggest Job We’ll Ever Have, Scribner.) His ideas focus on developing the character of our children, then letting go of the outcome, which, for the over-achieving-type-A parent is, believe me, far more difficult than it sounds. If […]

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