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Mish Mash

Ever since I first heard of Lenore Skenazy, I’ve been interested in the whole idea of free range kids.  I wrote about it almost a year ago, and I enjoyed reading Alma’s take on it today on the Chicago Mom’s Blog.  Care to weigh in?  I always like to hear your thoughts on these kinds of […]

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Fat Kids

Newsflash:  Our kids are not fat because school lunches are horrible.  Our kids are not fat because they watch TV ads about foods that are horrible.  Our kids are not fat because the stores sell processed foods that are horrible. You know, of course, that I am a highly trained scientists and I make these […]

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To Read

My first son showed up reading.  Okay, fine, that’s a slight exaggeration, but as a parent I did what most of us do:  I read to my baby and I read to my toddler.  Until, suddenly, one day he began reading to me.  The little guy went straight to chapter books, no sounding out or […]

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