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It’s a Sale on Bogs, Hooray!

Like deals?  If you’re not subscribing to Want Not, you’re missing out.  Everyone who knows me knows that I barely have time to shop, and I am a big, big fan of the online route.  But even then, I really hate to pay full price.  I mean, you know there’s a deal out there somewhere. […]

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Never Ask for a Rain Check at Wal-Mart

You know I don’t like to shop at Wal-Mart, right?  But I found myself there last week, against my better judgment.  I was on my way to my son’s elementary school with my Couscous-Artichoke Salad for the Teacher Conference Dinners when I realized I’d forgotten to bring a serving spoon.  There, to my left, loomed […]

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Best Winter Gear for Kids?

It’s cold here.  Really cold. When I grew up, in North Carolina & Virginia, we didn’t know cold like this.  Sure, winter was colder than summer, but all that meant was we didn’t go to the beach every day.  I’m not sure I even wore gloves. But here, way up in the cold north–almost Canada […]

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