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Super Easy, Super Tasty Shrimp on the Grill

Step One:  Buy the best shrimp you can find.  If you’re stuck in the Midwest, like me, good luck.  Just do your best.  If you’re in Coastal North Carolina, count your blessings! Step Two:  Buy the Kirkland Steak Seasoning from Costco. Step Three:  Clean shrimp & generously sprinkle on seasoning. Step Four:  Grill. I skewered […]

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Grand Grandparents

I have a lot to live up to when my offspring start reproducing, let me tell you. During my kids’ visit with my parents this summer, they saw Montecello, toured the Pentagon, attended an Evensong service at the National Cathedral, and watched some baby osprey learning to fly.  There may or may not have been […]

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Few things tempt me like the hammock that swings in the shade of the pine trees beside our cottage. You’d think, wouldn’t you, that having it there, calling to me as it does, I’d sidle on over and plop down with a good book on a regular basis. But no.  Every time I look outside […]

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