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So Far From Want

Who can resist the stuffing and the bird, piled high on the plate, with too many sides to count?  The whipped cream, the pie–can I have cherry and apple?–with a little ala mode for good measure? In an article he wrote way back in 2007, Mitch Albom quoted Edward Winslow, who described the joy of […]

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The Turkeys Who Got Away

They were bold, these guys.  On the morning before Thanksgiving, two big flocks came strolling through our backyard. They pranced. They played. They strutted their stuff. They came back on Thanksgiving morning, as if to say, “Ha, we’re still here.” But I haven’t seen them since. Hope you had a good turkey day!

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What? Thanksgiving is THIS Week?

Here’s what I’ve been doing: frantically putting pages into the family scrapbook from last February, so I don’t hit the “year behind” mark in a couple of months shopping for other families for Christmas taking my kids to swim lessons taking my kids to piano lessons sending my kids outside to play in the snow […]

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