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Small Gestures

Winter finally arrived! The boys slept the entire additional two hours of the snow delay this morning, and our dog, Finn, had more fun playing while I shoveled than a dog should have in one hour. Watching Finn dart in and out of the snowdrifts made shoveling more fun, and was a lovely start to […]

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Welcome, Spring!

Midwesterners are known for our friendliness and corn.  We deliver lots of both.   This week, however, I’m afraid that Old Man Winter won’t be feeling the love. If he doesn’t go away soon, you might not be getting any corn, either! Why, you ask?  Because just as the sun began staying out a little […]

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photo credit: The Glass Beehive The spring thaw isn’t at hand, here.  In fact, it’s snowing right now, big wet flakes sure to stick to the many inches that are already there. But the hope of spring, it’s here. We all know it’s coming, eventually; we dream of the green grass, the tulips poking through, […]

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