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What Clients Say

“Kirsetin has been great to work with.  Through her unique writing style we’ve been able to engage our client base effectively and efficiently, producing long lasting connections and referrals.  She helps us accurately convey our services to our clients in a simple, easy-to-understand way, despite the complex nature of our offerings.  All of her writing has been on-time, of high quality, and done in accordance with the regulatory guidelines that govern our publications.  Highly recommended!”
–Aaron Leestma, Administrator, Community Home Health Care Services

“I love working with Kirsetin. She has a knack for going beyond “just the facts” to tell a compelling story, whether weaving in her own experience or gathering narrative and facts from other sources. Plus, she’s organized, efficient, accurate, and never misses a deadline. She’s an editor’s dream!”
–Meagan Francis, Editor for ExperienceGR

“Kirsetin has been fantastic to work with. She effectively asks questions and truly understands what is expected for various assignments. She is highly skilled at writing on a variety of topics. Her work is contributed in a timely manner, reflecting her strong sense of professionalism. She is easy to work with, and we have enjoyed our working relationship.”
–Kasie Smith, President, Serendipity Media, LLC

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